Sunday, 11 March 2007

a dry sense of humus

New blog! Exciting. Back at the other blog you might have read that I recently moved into a house with a garden. I used to have a garden, years ago, before the apartment complex living. I was a bit of a summertime gardener - always bringing in the giant tomato crop but giving it a rest all winter when the cold wind and rain made it all a bit earnest getting out there and tending to the wee frozen veggies. Not sure how I'll do this year, but starting in Autumn bodes well for the gardening interest over the cooler months.

I'm starting with some big disadvantages: I've got the deadest patch of dirt imaginable. Grey dust with a heavy base of roof tiles and broken bricks. There's a drought on and serious water restrictions in place. Tight budget will see the seed propagation happening in place of the extravagant purchase of the darling baby plants.

But there's some joy - the garden already features two established fruit trees, it's north facing with full sun on everything most of the time, it's a good size without being too big, and I think I can get the grey water happening as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry are all at the back of the house.

First thing to accomplish is improvement of the soil. Digging through tons of rich dark organic matter, adding wetting agent, and topping with piles of mulch. No small feat.

Onward hoe!


GoAwayPlease said...

Weed it and reap !

Zoe said...

Chooks! Fluffy must get chooks! In a little mobile pyramidy thing that you wheel around to nourish all the soil.

Chooks are the veggie gardener's bestest friend.

vaguelyspecific said...

I forgot to mention yesterday that you can collect as much chook poo from our place as you want. Jacob has the diggers AND shovels. Maybe a business for him and the Tiny Man?

Wheelbarrow + shovel = pocket money?