Friday, 6 April 2007


It's been a bit slow in the garden as of late. I had a free day to get into it today, but I've come down with a revolting cold that's going around at work and I just felt like shlumping around. I did set a date to get the bath surround sorted out (this Thursday!) which entails a work mate who has a big troop carrier nicking some 1200 x 2400 panels of exterior ply from work and taking them to my house. They're worth about $90 per sheet so it's very nice that I'm not going to have to pay for them. To be fair, I did offer to pay. In a way that also managed to suggest I would very much like to not pay for them. So they are doing a sneaky thing and smuggling some building materials out for me. God love em. I bolted a towel rail to the side of the house today in celebration, and painted in the rusty spots where the enamel was chipped off the bath with the touch up paint that came with my car.

This afternoon was spent lazing with friends and playing music, then daydreaming about my August holiday and checking out the destination on Google Earth. I'll be lolling on the beach gathering strength from the sun's rays and planning a full scale assault on the garden for spring.

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