Wednesday, 5 September 2007

weed and seed

This afternoon I've been getting rid of the weeds I've let run wild over the winter months. I figure they're mulch and it would be a losing battle to try to keep the otherwise bare soil from sprouting dandelion, chickweed, various seedy grasses, etc. I noticed the baby beetroot I was growing primarily as a salad leaf was virtually pushing itself out of the earth so I harvested the lot.

Borscht anyone?

I'm pretty happy overall with the fruits of my lazy winter efforts. Considering I only put a couple of days work in Autumn I've had quite a lot of produce. My broccoli was the surprise boomer with 6 out of 8 plants surviving, and each plant producing a minimum of four good sized heads of very nice broccoli. Don't know why they weren't hit with slugs and cabbage moth like all my other efforts at growing broccoli, but whatever the reason, I'm happy.

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Shane Lyons said...

Nice. I still have a bit of that tasty lettuce you gave me in the fridge, and it's kept all this time. I always expect vegies to be past it after a week. What the hell are they doing to them on those farms?