Friday, 18 January 2008

garden update

Hello gentle reader! A long while between updates I know, but I picked these little beauties this morning from one of my 4 delightfully fruity tomato bushes and couldn't not share them with you. The variety is Mighty Red, which has proven to be the early fruiter out of the four. The others are Apollo 3, Grosse Lisse and Roma (green fruit pictured in abundance, below).

Also picked up these great olive tins and planted three varieties of cherry tomato. Fruit is a bit sparse but extremely sweet and juicy.

So here's the garden overview. The big garden plans were put into effect exactly as drawn up and it all seemed to work out great. We had the addition of a scarecrow which didn't seem to scare anyone but me. Compared to the bleak "before" picture I think it's all pretty gret, aktuly. The fake turf is courtesy of my work. Officially, it's "lawn on loan". Unofficially, I'd be very unhappy to see it go back given that it's doing a great job of hiding a large expanse of cracked grey concrete. A lovely outdoor rug. Which is what good lawn should be. Even good fake lawn.

Ebay came through for us when we were looking for a big outdoor seating area for outside. $126! Seats 10 - 12! Chunky! We parked it under the fig tree...

So you look up and see this...

And soon you'll be able to reach out and pick these.

Looking up the fence you get a better view of the scarecrow *shudders* and the corn. I has a corm! Many to be picked tonight to go with us to a mate's bbq. Chives in front of the corn.

Baby eggplants! Awwww.

And the mighty green zucchini machine. This tireless baby just keeps pumping out the zukes.

And lastly, some basil. Just starting to get seed heads so I might have to pull up the lot if I wanta batch of pesto before it goes 'leggy'.

All in all, yum. God I love summer. Not the heat. Just the produce.


Peter said...

Looks smashing. How I yearn for a garden. I have pots, but it's not the same.

Tom said...

This is so outrageously wholesome.