Tuesday, 4 September 2007

big plans

Big plans are afoot for the summer garden. A new outdoor dining setting and a string of glorious early spring days was enough impetus to get the pen and paper out, followed by some extra work with Illustrator.

The concentric circles radiate out from the Hills Hoist so I can mark the beds out pretty easily with a stick on a string. The stuff under the clothes line has to be reasonably low growing so clothes don't flap all over the plants to the detriment of both.

There's an intricate grey water drip system underlying all this planting. Now that I'm ready so early I'm considering doing the whole thing from seed to save some money.


vaguelyspecific said...

Wow! I hsve similar plans but not the patience to put them down on paper so they swim around in my head causing 'vegie-stress' as I try to remember what I had included, where. I'm awestruck!

cara said...

wow that looks wonderful. is north down the page?

Fluffy said...

No, north is at the top like a proper map. I actually planted all this out last weekend so I must take some photos. Might give it a couple of weeks more to establish so you can see something other than huge piles of sugar cane mulch.